I’m Steve Volocyk. I live in Chicago, where I create experiences through code.

When I was 6, I designed my first game called "Space Dork 2000", and boy was it Impressive. Heavily influenced by Space Quest and Hero Quest, staple adventure games of that time period, you played as a main character trapped in a world of aliens, monsters, ...and apparently a ridiculous amount of fart jokes? At least that's what the 2 page word document (now framed on my wall) describes. It seems crazy looking back on it now, but I was 6, I was proud of it, and it would have a profound impact on my life.

When I wasn't preoccupied with designing crazy games, you would find me tinkering with computers (as it was the thing that allowed me to play games). I still vividly remember installing a "scuzzy" drive with my father on our family computer. He claimed it would rocket us into the peripherals stratosphere, and he was right. I had never seen loading screens that short.

I soon realized that most of my interests were centered around games, computers, and building things in general. Those interests lead to my pursuit of a degree in Computer Science, which allowed me to complete the ultimate gamer trifecta of playing, assembling, and programming.

Today, I'm still a gamer, tinkerer, and builder. I have developed software for a wide array of industries and communities, including games, player support, accounts, banking, ecommerce, social networking, and more. While I have developed many different types of software, my most memorable and impactful work has been developing software and tools that helped foster and support gaming communities.